It Feels Like Patek Philippe Did Their Very Best To Create A Standard Watch

This is a very odd watch, I still cannot figure it out. It looks very much like other ETA-based watches. Even the rotor is one of standard center-mounted kind as opposed to the usual micro-rotors one sees from Patek Philippe. It feels like Patek Philippe did their very best to create a standard watch from scratch employing the most traditional methods available. Dial looks like any other plastic dial, except it’s made of lacquer. 30m water resistance, I am truly befuddled.

The only explanation I can think of is this is a watch for a person with so much money, even the most standard watch must be a Patek Philippe, because such a person cannot be caught wearing anything other than Patek Philippe replica uk. It’s an obscene scenario, but I cannot think of any other demand for which this watch should exist.

Maybe one has to hold one to understand it, but since the likelihood of my owning Patek Philippe replica watches is minute, someone please enlighten me.

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